Below is a listing of organizations involved in child labor intervention implementation and/or funding in the cocoa growing areas of Côte d'Ivoire. We hope the data provided will be useful to all stakeholders concerned with the issue as it represents a collection of efforts on the part of government, private and non-governmental organizations to eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labor (WFCL) in the cocoa growing areas of Côte d'Ivoire. This compilation of interventions does not capture everything stakeholders are doing relevant to child labor in the cocoa sector.  The aim of the intervention survey was to capture the main interventions directly targeting children in the cocoa growing areas, with a special focus on rehabilitation, education and vocational training.  In the process of carrying out the survey, we also learned about other important interventions and investments organizations are carrying out relevant to the issue, which have been included here. Click on the organization’s intervention instrument to learn more about the organization’s intervention implementation activities. Click on the organization’s management instrument to learn more about the organization itself and its work on child labor issues in the cocoa growing areas.


Government of Côte d'Ivoire Stakeholders

Cabinet du Ministre de l’Enseignement Technique et de la Formation Professionnelle     managment

Direction de la Protection Sociale du Ministère de la Famille     intervention     management

Direction Générale du Travail     managment

Direction Nationale des Cantines Scolaires     intervention     management

Service Autonome de l’Alphabétisation     intervention     management

Système de Suivi du Travail des Enfants     management


Industry Stakeholders

Armajaro     managment

Barry Callebaut   intervention   management

Groupement Professionnel des Exportateurs de Café Cacao     management

Mars Incorporated     management

Nestlé     intervention     management

OUTSPAN     management


International Organizations and Other Stakeholders

Bureau International de Travail     managment

Coopération Technique Allemande (GTZ)     intervention     management

International Cocoa Initiative     management

Sustainable Tree Crops Programme     management

UNICEF     management


Non-Governmental Organizations

Afrique Secours et Assistance      intervention     management

Agence internationale pour la coopération et du développement      intervention      managment 

Assistance Internationale à l’Enfance Cœur et Action      intervention     management

Association des Enfants et Jeunes Travailleurs     intervention      managment 

Belles Demeures     intervention     management

Caritas Côte d'Ivoire     intervention      management

Femme Action Development      intervention1     intervention2     management

Forum Africain des Femmes Educatrices      intervention     management

Fondation AMAN International      intervention     management

Fondation Amigo      intervention     management

Fraternité Sans Limites      intervention     management

Hirye     intervention     management

Human and Développement     management

International Foundation for Education & Self Help      intervention1     intervention2     management

Kedesch     intervention     management

Mouvement pour l’Education la Santé et Développement     intervention     management

Plate Forme des Ecoles Familiales Agricoles de Côte d’Ivoire     intervention     management

Rainforest Alliance     intervention     management

Renforcement de Capacité     intervention1     intervention2     management

Social vie chrétienne international     intervention     management

Winrock     intervention     management





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